Playing Handball is fun: Socials 2015/16

Socials Training, playing, fighting and winning are all just parts of the handball experience. We are first and foremost a team. As is a tradition in handball clubs all over the world, we finish training by going to the pub or College bar together.

Socials don’t stop there: The year 2015/2016 has seen socials ranging from dinners with national cuisine (Sauerbraten and Tiramisu) and board games to various bops and nights out. The annual trips to both rounds of UniChamps and hosting Varsity or visiting Oxford are always a treat. For the first time this year, we joined French universities at their sports tournament festival ‘Centrale Lyon’ in March. There, the women’s team entered into the handball competition and the party. We topped off our year by enjoying an amazing evening together at the Lucy June Ball ‘Come What May’.