Friendly match against the city club 31.10.15

Dear all,

Please find enclosed the link to a survey regarding a friendly match on 
the 31st of October aganist the city club. There will be men's and 
women's matches( about 30-45 minutes) so you don't have to be there for 
the full 2 and a half hours of the slot (allow at least an hour in order 
to have some time for warm up) but ideally everyone would be there 
supporting each other all the way through. Please condsider carefully 
what the best time is, having in mind that we would still like to have 
the training session at 6pm. Those of you who want to come to Birmingham 
please do the best you can and be there, it is very important that you 
gain some match experience before the tournament(21-22nd of November).
Here is the link:

Get keen, get excited and see you all at training( today-5 to 6pm and Saturday 6 to 8 pm at  
the uni sports centre)!