ABUHC Uni Champs 2014/15 – Second weekend

Both our men’s and women’s teams will be heading  to Birmingham on the weekend of 14/15 February 2015 to play at the ABUHC Uni Champs, on its second weekend of the competition.

The matches will run over both days, starting at 12.15am and finishing in the early afternoon. For the full schedule, you can follow this link. We have arranged transport for both teams by car. The men’s team will be playing on Saturday and Sunday, whereas the women’s team will only play on Sunday due to last-minute cancellations. We will count you in for transport and split costs unless you have told us that you are arranging your own transport.

On Saturday, we will meet at the Sidgwick site at 8.45am, to leave at 9am. We will have 1 car and 1 van to take the men’s team, with 1 or 2 spare seats for anyone else who would like to come along. We will aim to leave Birmingham by 5.30pm and be back in Cambridge at around 8pm.

On Sunday, we will also meet at the Sidgwick site at 8.45am, to leave at 9am. We will have 2 cars and 1 van to take both teams, with no spare room if you had not signed up on the poll. Given the small number of games, we have been offered to play some friendly matches after the last official match on Sunday. So in principle we will aim to leave Birmingham after this, around 4.30pm, and  be back in Cambridge at around 7pm.


ABUHC University Championships 2014/15 Men’s – Regional South

4Kent Men’s 1st106132313
5Essex Men’s10514711
6Bournemouth Men’s10406-278
7Kent Men’s 2nd10217-535
8Southampton Men’s10118-293
10Essex Women’s1100152
13Kent Women’s110052
15Chichester Men’s10028-702
16Warwick Women’s000050
17Liverpool Women’s000000
17Royal Holloway Men’s000000
17St Andrew’s Men’s000000
17University of East London Women’s000000
21Lancaster Women’s0000-10
22Bangor Women’s0000-10
23Cranfield University Men’s0000-30
24Lancaster Men’s0000-60
24Nottingham Men’s 1st0000-60
26Dundee Men’s0000-60

ABUHC University Championships 2014/15 Women’s – Regional South

3Essex Women’s6402308
4Kent Women’s6303-216
8Warwick Women’s000050
9Liverpool Women’s000000
9Royal Holloway Men’s000000
9St Andrew’s Men’s000000
12Lancaster Women’s0000-10
13Bangor Women’s0000-10
14Cranfield University Men’s0000-30
15Lancaster Men’s0000-60
15Nottingham Men’s 1st0000-60
17Dundee Men’s0000-60
19Chichester Men’s1001-60
20Bournemouth Men’s1001-90
21Essex Men’s1001-90
22Kent Men’s 1st1001-110
24Kent Men’s 2nd1001-120
25Southampton Men’s1001-150
26University of East London Women’s6006-470

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